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About B. Hesse Pflingger

B. Hesse Pflingger, PhD, is a professor of contemporary history at California State University, Cucamonga. He entertains hopes that Fonko Bolo, the fifth book in the Jake Fonko series, will finally result in the tenured position he has pursued for the past 19 years. He and his assistant, Bertha Sikorski, PhD, have continued their diligent research into the adventures and exploits of Mr. Fonko. Their recent in-depth analysis of top secret data files from America’s intelligence agencies as revealed by Edward Snowden has uncovered astonishing new facts that should allay any lingering doubts about the veracity of this remarkable saga.

About the Jake Fonko Series

The Jake Fonko books blend action, adventure and humor with authentic historical events to create a reading experience recalling the best parts of Flashman, Travis McGee and James Bond. From Iran to Cambodia, Northern Ireland to the Philippines, Jake always seems to pop up when something historically momentous is afoot.


There are currently nine books in the series (in order): Jake Fonko M.I.A., Fonko on the Carpet, Fonko’s Errand Go Boom, Fonko in the Sun, Fonko Bolo, The Mother of All Fonkos, Fonko Go Home, To Russia With Fonko, and The Fonko Connection.