Fonko Bolo


Jake Fonko #5

Release Date

January 2015

Available Formats

eBook and paperback

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Jake Fonko
About This Project

The CIA returns with a new mission for Jake Fonko…


After narrowly avoiding death in the idyllic Caribbean, former Army Ranger Jake Fonko lands in the slums of Calcutta, where a series of ill-fated events once again finds him on the verge of demise. Saved by an old friend from the pestilential gutters, Jake regains his strength back in the States, until one day his former CIA boss shows up at his door.


Bribed and blackmailed back into the service of the CIA, Jake finds himself dispatched to the Philippines to preserve critical American military bases. But with the Communist New People’s Army’s plotting to topple Ferdinand Marcos from power, Jake’s mission is anything but simple…


The fifth novel in the Jake Fonko historical adventure series, Fonko Bolo takes readers on a wild journey across Southeast Asia.