Fonko in the Sun


Jake Fonko

Release Date

August 2014

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eBook and paperback

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Jake Fonko
About This Project

When Jake Fonko finds himself in possession of top secret bank documents, the idyllic Caribbean suddenly turns menacing…


A bloody bank robbery. A barroom shootout. A headlong flight out of Castro’s Cuba. Three aerial dogfights. A chopper crash in a Jamaican jungle. And that’s just day one of former Army Ranger Jake Fonko’s latest adventure.


Stranded amidst the beautiful palm trees with sensitive top-secret financial documents from the notorious BCCI, Jake finds himself pursued by government agencies, terrorists, cartels and criminals of every stripe. And with no passport, no backup and suffocating surveillance around every turn, how ever will Jake Fonko pull this one out of the fire?


The sun-drenched fourth novel in the Jake Fonko historical adventure series, Fonko in the Sun takes readers across a chain of Caribbean paradises where danger lurks in every shadow.