Fonko on the Carpet


Jake Fonko #2

Release Date

August 2013


eBook & Paperback

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Jake Fonko
About This Project
When a Shah’s in need, he calls Jake Fonko…
Recovered from his near-death experience in the Cambodian killing fields, former Army Ranger and reluctant CIA operative Jake Fonko returns home to Malibu to offer his skills to the private sector. He soon receives a referral to help none other than the Shah of Iran, a man whose precarious political situation requires protection at any cost.


But upon arriving, Jake learns that keeping the Shah safe as Iran fractures into factions might be a more dangerous job than he first thought. And if the Shah falls, will Jake be able to escape Iran with his own hide in one piece?


The twisting second novel in the Jake Fonko historical adventure series, Fonko on the Carpet thrusts readers into the dust-swept streets of Tehran on a pulse-pounding expedition.