Fonko's Errand Go Boom


Jake Fonko #3

Release Date

March 2014

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eBook & Paperback

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Jake Fonko
About This Project

When Troubles come, Jake Fonko’s next mission begins…


Freshly escaped from imminent death in Iran, former Army Ranger and current freelance gun-for-hire Jake Fonko doesn’t find himself out of work for long. An old surfing buddy gives him a whale of a tip: A certain legendary car manufacturer requires Jake’s services in order to keep production steady at his Belfast manufacturing plant.


With violence threatening to plunge Northern Ireland into chaos, the job is more than dangerous, but the pay is good, and Jake needs the cash. What’s the worst that could happen? Soon enough, with Troubles lurking around every corner as civil war threatens to overtake Northern Ireland, Jake discovers that just staying alive might be one hell of a challenge…


The wild third novel in the Jake Fonko historical adventure series, Fonko’s Errand Go Boom drops readers into the tense, violent conflict of the Irish Troubles.