The Diamond Dragon


Kip Keene #4


Nicholas Erik

Release Date

December 2015

Available Formats

eBook and Paperback

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Nicholas Erik
About This Project

Protect the girl. Save the world.

Three months after his trip to China, Kip Keene is hot on the heels of a new, mysterious threat known only as the Diamond Dragon. Well – “hot on the heels” might not be quite accurate, as Keene spends most of his spare time lounging on the beach of his newly inherited SoCal mansion. But when Samantha Strike finally returns to the fold, the hunt gets going in a hurry, leading the pair to the rural town of Tillus, IA. A quaint town hiding a tremendous secret – a portal to the fabled land of Shambhala.

But the once gentle paradise has been overrun by ancient invaders who have waited two millennia to harness its legendary power.

Further complicating matters, the residents of Tillus seem all too eager to make their new guests more permanent fixtures of the community. And if Keene and Strike don’t reach Shambhala – and save an enigmatic girl who fell through the portal years ago – before its too late, the entire world will burn…