The Emerald Elephant


Kip Keene #1

Release Date

May 2015

Available Formats

eBook and Paperback

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Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play

Nicholas Erik
About This Project

A lost civilization rises again…
And only the mysterious Kip Keene can save the world from destruction.

After 200,000 years in cryogenic exile, former privateer Kip Keene finally awakens high in the snowy Andean Mountains, his emergency capsule ablaze. Alone and disoriented on an unknown planet, Keene flees from the crash site, soon realizing that everything he once knew is gone. With few other options, Keene turns to a life of thievery, pulling high-value heists for dangerous men.

But when his sticky fingers get him in trouble with rogue FBI Agent Samantha Strike, the only way out is to go back to the beginning and find out what really happened when his ship slammed into the snow-capped peaks all those years ago…