The Jade Jaguar


Kip Keene #5

Release Date

February 2016

Available Formats

eBook and Paperback

Nicholas Erik
About This Project

Adventurer Kip Keene, blackmailed into the employ of an off-book government organization, is sent on solo mission to explore unsubstantiated rumors of strange activity in Roswell, New Mexico. What he discovers are references to a mysterious object known only as the Source Generator – a technology from another world of untold power.

And his new employer desperately wants that power.

Further complicating matters, Keene’s old allies, dead-eye shot Samantha Strike and hacker Wade Linus, are attempting to deliver the Source Generator to their own unknown benefactor. But if revealed, the technology’s shocking origins could make waves around the world – while the artifact’s final resting place could hold the most incredible secret of all…