The Jake Fonko Series Box Set: Books 4, 5 & 6

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December 2015

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Jake Fonko
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This special bundle includes three action-packed adventures starring former Army Ranger turned freelance gun for hire Jake Fonko. Save over 40% versus buying the individual volumes!


Fonko in the Sun (Book 4) – Grand Cayman 1983. A bloody bank robbery. A barroom shootout. A headlong flight out of Castro’s Cuba. Three aerial dogfights. A chopper crash in a Jamaican jungle – and that’s just the first day of Jake Fonko’s trip to the Caribbean. Stranded amidst the beautiful palm trees with incriminating top-secret financial documents, Jake finds himself pursued by government agencies, terrorists, cartels and criminals of every stripe. And with no passport, no backup and suffocating surveillance around every turn, how ever will Jake pull this one out of the fire?

Fonko Bolo (Book 5) – Philippines 1986. Bribed and blackmailed back into the service of the CIA, Jake finds himself dispatched to the Philippines with a basic directive: preserve critical American military bases. But with the Communist New People’s Army’s plotting to topple Ferdinand Marcos from power, Jake soon discovers that his latest mission is anything but simple…

The Mother of All Fonkos (Book 6) – Kuwait 1990. After landing a cushy consulting gig from a mysterious businessman, Jake Fonko flies off to Kuwait City for what he expects will be a leisurely four week job. But no sooner does Jake arrive than Saddam Hussein’s blitzkrieg lays siege to the city. Trapped inside Kuwait with no way out of the heat, Jake must rely on his wits, Ranger training and any allies he can find if he wants to survive the Desert Storm…

The second box set in the popular Jake Fonko series, this special bundle includes over 700 pages of intensely researched adventures and thrills for less than the price of two individual volumes. Fans of George MacDonald Fraser, Ian Fleming and John D. MacDonald will love Jake Fonko’s crazy globetrotting exploits.