The Jake Fonko Series Box Set: Books 1, 2 & 3


Jake Fonko #1, 2 & 3

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February 2014

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Jake Fonko
About This Project

Includes the first three historical action adventure novels featuring Jake Fonko, America’s coolest covert agent:


Book 1: Jake Fonko M.I.A (Vietnam/Cambodia – 1975)
Book 2: Fonko on the Carpet (Iran – 1978 – 79)
Book 3: Fonko’s Errand Go Boom (Northern Ireland – 1982)

Jake Fonko M.I.A.
– In the twilight of the Vietnam War, decorated Army Ranger Jake Fonko finds himself on loan to the CIA, tasked with tracking down a long missing Company asset. But with Cambodia plunging into chaos around Jake, simply surviving the sweltering jungles might prove close to impossible…

Fonko on the Carpet
– Jake Fonko, now offering his skills to the private sector, receives word that the Shah of Iran requires an aide to help protect him from the rapidly deteriorating political climate. But as Iran crumbles into factions, Jake finds himself in a country on the brink of civil war…


Fonko’s Errand Go Boom – Jake Fonko, on a tip from an old friend, ships out to Belfast to offer his services to legendary car manufacturer John DeLorean. But the Troubles aren’t just threatening DeLorean’s factories. And with the whole of Northern Ireland on the cusp of violent chaos, Jake needs to find allies in unlikely places if he wants to come out in one piece…