The Kip Keene Box Set: Books 1, 2 & 3


Kip Keene #1, #2, & #3


Nicholas Erik

Release Date

December 2015

Available Formats

eBook and Paperback

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Nicholas Erik
About This Project

A special box set containing the first three Kip Keene adventure novels – plus an exclusive novella – for a discounted price. For fans of Lester Dent, Edgar Rice Burroughs and classic golden-age adventure stories.


The Emerald Elephant (Book 1) – after Kip Keene’s spacecraft crash lands on Earth following 200,000 years in cryogenic stasis, the former space pirate awakens to find his new home threatened by an old friend and a strange relic from a legendary lost city.

The Ruby Rattlesnake (Book 2) – when a half-dead super-soldier stumbles into Kip Keene’s office, he and his partner Samantha Strike are thrust into the center of a conspiracy that leads to the mythical civilization of Atlantis.

The Silver Songbird (Book 3) – after an enigmatic ally winds up dead, Kip Keene and Samantha Strike uncover the existence of time travel – and find themselves taking a one way ticket to 19th century Guangzhou, where they must foil the timeline destroying plans of a former friend and a legendary pirate queen.

The Amber Alligator (Exclusive Novella) – when FBI Agent-in-training Samantha Strike’s gun instructor asks for help in clearing his name in the murder of his wife, the wet-behind-the-ears Strike jets down to Florida in pursuit of a mysterious neurotoxin known only as the Amber Alligator.

The Kip Keene Box Set: Books 1, 2 & 3 contains more than 600 pages of pulse-pounding adventure reading that fans of golden-age pulp fiction will love.