The Ruby Rattlesnake


Kip Keene #2

Release Date

November 2015

Available Formats

eBook and Paperback

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Nicholas Erik
About This Project

A submerged ruin.
An ancient evil.

Fresh off their expedition in the Incan ruins, adventurers-for-hire Kip Keene and Samantha Strike are having a difficult time with their new relic retrieval operation. Worse, things are boring – until a woman with a fresh gunshot wound stumbles into their shabby offices holding classified documents. Before collapsing, the woman addresses Keene by name, insisting that they must destroy a mysterious artifact called the Ruby Rattlesnake.

Except Keene’s never seen this woman – identified only as Subject 8 by an elaborate barcode tattoo on her wrist – in his life.

But if he and Strike want to save themselves – and the world – from certain destruction, they must locate the ruins of a lost civilization long thought to be a myth. Only problem is, Subject 8’s former employers already found Atlantis first…