Griswold's Op

Release Date

May 2017


eBook & Paperback

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John Koloen
About This Project

If you had nowhere to run, how desperate would you get?

Adan Burke is a quiet, unassuming 17-year-old who tries to avoid his abusive grandfather’s wrath and the bullies at school. But after finally asserting himself one day, everything goes wrong – and mild-mannered Adan becomes a fugitive.

Hunted by the cops and suddenly homeless in New Orleans, Adan befriends a group of small-time thieves. As the jobs escalate in size and scope, Adan is swept into an ambitious heist spearheaded by a mysterious ex-con named Griswold.

The old man promises this op will change their lives forever. But as Adan already knows, change isn’t always a good thing…