Imagine Me

Release Date

July 2013

Available Formats

eBook & Paperback

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Charles Alverson
About This Project

Jake wanted to take Hollywood by storm…

…but he soon discovers that swimming with the sharks is a dangerous pastime.
Actor turned struggling film producer Jake Borden never misses an opportunity – for money or sex. Devious, dishonest and unprincipled, Jake relies on good looks and a glib tongue to eek out a living. Thing is, he’s behind on rent, his Jag is about to be repo’d, and he owes his assistant more back pay than he can calculate. With his dreams of wealth and fame fading, Jake needs to find a way to the top. Fast.
When he meets a wealthy middle-aged woman with a troubled, but brilliant, daughter, Jake sees his opportunity.
But can he seize it in time to make it to the top?