The Triple Shot Box: Three Gritty Crime Novels

Titles Included

Fighting Back, Goodey's Last Stand, Not Sleeping Just Dead

Release Date

July 12, 2015

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Charles Alverson
About This Project

Three gritty crime novels. One low price.

Fighting Back – when Harry Castor opens a new bar, he thinks he’s got it made. But after a local thug named Charlie Rice shows up to shake him down, Harry soon realizes that he’s started the fight of his life. And neither man will still step down until it’s too late to go back…

Goodey’s Last Stand – After being kicked off the force and run out of town for shooting the mayor’s cousin, San Francisco PD Detective Joe Goodey sets up shop as a PI in a dingy motel. A murdered go-go queen with a missing tell-all black book brings none other than a request from the mayor himself for Goodey’s services. But it’s more of an ultimatum: solve the case and Joe gets his old job back. Fail, and Joe goes to jail. Or worse.

Not Sleeping, Just Dead – Beyond broke and with his bad luck about to run out, Joe Goodey stumbles upon an elderly man who offers him a case regarding his niece. The police think that the young woman jumped to her death, but the man insists that she was murdered. And so, Joe Goodey packs his bags and heads to investigate the crime at the Institute – a group of people holed up in a mansion where nothing is quite as it seems…